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Rev. Brad Schoeberle, CSP

Father Brad


I go by Fr. Brad to almost everyone, but my full name is Fr. Brad Schoeberle, CSP. CSP means I am a member of the Paulist Father's Community which is an important part of my identity. I have been with the Paulists since 1996, and a priest since 2000. I have had the blessing of growing up in Wisconsin and studying there, Minnesota, Jerusalem, and Washington, DC from kindergarten through three different graduate programs prior to becoming a priest. After a year of internship in Austin, TX (under the pastor, Patrick Johnson, CSP), I have served at St. Paul the Apostle in Los Angeles for eight years, Ten years at St. Luke University Parish in Allendale, MI where I was founding pastor, and now Pastor here at Old St. Mary's Catholic Church since 2018 (and 2 years of Covid).

I love being a priest. l love being with all of you. I love being here at Old St. Mary's where the adventure of new people learning new things while remembering we are in the Oldest Parish in Chicago with the country's original religious order of men. In short, I am gifted to be with you where so many diverse stories come together and we can challenge and encourage one another as we discover Jesus and share that faith together. The one other part of my background - discovering Jesus when I was in Catholic grade school. He is such a big part of my life that I want to share his story with all of you. I hope to hear your stories of Jesus too!


Rev. Patrick Johnson, CSP

Father PJ

My name is Father Patrick Johnson and I am a member of the Paulist Fathers community which has staffed Old St. Mary's Parish since 1903. Most people refer to me as Father PJ. I was ordained in 1974 and have served in many places, including over 8 years as a U.S. Navy chaplain. I came to Old St. Mary's in January 2012. I'm originally from Walla Walla, Washington.

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