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Gala Count Me In Parties FAQs


What is a Count Me In Party?

Count Me In Parties are smaller events that are normally donated by parents and friends of Old St. Mary's School. The event or activity is paid for by the donor(s) and the whole purchase price paid by the participant goes toward the OSM Signature Event. Count Me In parties are typically experienced-based and include a number of ‘spots’ to maximize inclusivity and FUN!


What types of events are included?

There are a variety of Count Me In Parties offered. In the past some examples have included: Kid's Art Party, Kickball Kids vs. Teachers, Drive-In Movie Night, Wine Tasting, Garden Party, and many more. 


I have never been to a Signature Event or didn't see the display last year. Where can I find it?

The Count Me In experiences will be available via mobile bidding. You will also be able to preview specific details about experiences on the mobile bidding site. 


How do I reserve a spot?

You can opt into a Count Me In experience via mobile bidding . All experiences are first come first serve (i.e. spots are limited). You will be charged at check-out. 


I cannot attend the Old St. Mary’s Signature Event! Can I still opt in to one of these fabulous experiences?

Absolutely! All are welcome, simply keep an eye open for directions on how to use our mobile bidding site to sign up. 


How much do these Count Me In experiences cost?

The prices vary depending on the activity. They are very affordable for families and have started as low at $25 per participant.


What if I have more than one child or person that might want to participate?

If you have more than one child or person and would like more than one spot, you are required to reserve a spot for each participant. For example – I would like my son and daughter to participate in the Kid's Art Party for $25 each. The parent would write the family name and Bid Number and indicate as such - two spots totaling $50.


Are there any requirements for the events?

Each Count Me In contains a description of the event that includes the date, time, total number of participants allowed, and any age or grade level minimum requirement (if applicable). Please know that age/grade requirements are put in place for safety reasons.


I have a great idea for a Count Me In this year and would love to donate my talents. Who can I talk to?

Simply fill out this form to host or sponsor an experience. The sky's the limit in terms of experience-do you work somewhere cool and perhaps want to offer a ‘behind the scenes’ tour? Fill out the form. Do you have a cool idea for kids, like a magic show in the park? Fill out the form! Are you an avid poker player and want to host a fun poker night for adults? Fill out the form! 


I am still confused and have questions that were not answered in the FAQs. Who can I contact?

Sara Pinchback (Henry ‘23 and Ryan ‘26) will look forward to helping you! Email:

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