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School  PLay

Directed by:

Amanda Hamel

Stage Managed by:

Elizabeth Duff-Russo

Choreographed by:

Danny DiFogio

Assistant Choreographed by:

Kelly Madorsky

Documentary Filmed and Edited by:

Vidal Tapia

You can view the PlayBill by clicking HERE

Click HERE to view the photos taken by our talented 5th grade student, Julien Duque.


  SEASON 1  

Episode 1

We begin our adventure with the start of something new! watch as our students gather the tools they will need for a successful time.


Episode 2

What are our stars up to? As our cast of amazing singers continue to hone their craft, what obstacles are awaiting for them?


Episode 3

Mrs. Hamel is working with our soloists on their notes and timing! Sophia and Luke are working closely together to harmonize their singing.


Episode 4

We are weeks away, and it seems like our cast is having a little difficulty learning the choreography and lines... will they be ready?

ep 4.jpg

  SEASON 2  

Episode 5

The cast continue to learn choreography and try to piece together all that they have learned.

ep 5.jpg

Episode 6 -

The final days before tech week. Is our crew ready?

ep 6.jpg

Episode 7

It's tech week! Lights are being tweaked, audio is being added, and our actors have a final week before the performance!


Performance - COMING SOON

Let the show begin!

Students have worked tirelessly for this moment. Now it's the big night! Let's go Wild Cats!


To view the video, you must enter a password. 

Password: OSM1474

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