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How much are tickets? $25 per ticket or $200/ table - You’re encouraged to register as a group of 8 → build a great team with a broad knowledge base.

Can I register in quantities of less than 8? Yes, all are welcome. We will need to cut off registration at least a week in advance in order to match up participants into groups of 8 accordingly.

May I bring alcohol? Yes, this is a BYOD and food event and attendees are invited to enjoy them both responsibly.

What’s the format of the trivia? 5 rounds of questions, 8 categories in each round that cover a broad set of subjects so pick your team wisely!

How do we win prizes? There will be prizes awarded to the winners of each round plus additional raffles, games, giveaways at no extra cost.

Does our team need to dress up or come with a theme? No, you don’t have to do so, but we will award prizes for the best costumes and themes. This is a “FUN”-raiser so put on your thinking cap and get a good mix of left and right-brained players! We trust players will use good judgment in the costumes and themes selected to ensure they’re appropriate for a church event.

What should I bring to the event? Everything. Your table will be bare with a plastic tablecloth. In addition to a good attitude, bring your own dinner, beverages of choice, and costumes.

What will the proceeds benefit at OSM? All proceeds will benefit Blue Ribbon Annual Fund

Will there be practice rounds? There are opportunities to practice at area restaurants and bars and we encourage you to patronize those establishments that support Old St. Mary’s. The Weathermark Tavern and Kroll’s both have trivia nights and information will be forthcoming about availability.

How can I volunteer? The event will be live on Volgistics. Likewise, you can email Tina Hurley

tncprez@aol.com with any questions. We’ll need volunteers for day-of set up, registration, judging, on-site logistics and clean up.

May I donate prizes or may my business support the event? Yes! Please contact Mike Hurley

mike@bitspacechicago.com and Angie Campone angmperez@gmail.com for more details.

Are cell phones allowed? Cell phones can be on your person, but will not be allowed in use during the active rounds of trivia. If you need to receive or make a call you must leave the gym to do so. This is supposed to be a fun event. Don’t be Aunt Becky.

What about COVID-19? Like many events and organizations, the OSM community is actively following the news and guidance from relevant leadership, which includes the Center of Disease Control (CDC), Archdiocese of Chicago and Parish Leadership. Our goal is to keep you as up-to-date as possible regarding currently scheduled events and our preparation plans. Your safety and comfort are paramount.