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English Language Arts

Our literacy curriculum is designed to help students develop and refine reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and  provide opportunities for problem-solving, collaboration, making connections, and reflection. Our aim is to develop learners who are capable of using and producing language effectively as they encounter an increasingly complex and information rich local and global community.


Math & Science

Our mathematics curriculum aims to develop mathematically proficient learners who can communicate using the language of math and understand the relationship between mathematical concepts and mathematical reasoning. Our science curriculum provides learners with an opportunity to inquire about and develop understandings of our natural world by learning about scientific ideas and concepts and applying them in practical investigations across all grade levels.



Students study the Bible and early Church history, the Sacraments, moral Theology, and social justice. Incorporated throughout are opportunities for students to make connections to their own life and the world today, giving them the tools to understand the faith and to live it out in the world. 


Teacher Leadership

OSM is led by a network of strong teacher leaders.  Teacher teams meet regularly to align curricular and instructional practices and to strengthen vertical and horizontal articulation. Our eye is on each of our graduating 8th graders to ensure they are prepared for the high school of their choice! 

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