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Old St. Mary’s is committed to making high-quality, Catholic education available to all children. At OSM we have the Empower Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship to help make tuition more affordable.


Empower Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship  

The Empower Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship was created in 2017 to help make private education more affordable for families regardless of financial background. 


The Chart below is used to determine scholarship eligibility based on the federal poverty level guidelines. Families that are new to Empower and qualify at up to 300% are eligible for a scholarship. Families that have received an Empower scholarship for the 2019/2020 school year can qualify at 400% for a scholarship.

Tax Credit Worksheet.jpg

Through donations and other sources OSM is committed to supporting students who qualify at 400% for the duration of their time at OSM. 

If you are interested in scholarships and financial aid please fill out the form below and Enrollment will contact you. 

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