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Volgistics is a volunteer management software used to schedule and log volunteer hours. 


To log volunteer hours visit Volgistics


If you are a new family to OSM, or do not have a Volgistics account please see below:

  1. Email Maria Valerio at mvalerio@osmschool.com and give her your first and last name that will be associated with your Volgistics account

  2. Maria will start a Volgistics account for you by entering that information in the system

  3. You will be sent an email from Maria with a link to Volgistics that will ask you to enter your login name (which is your email address), then click NEED A PASSWORD.
    (This email is not an automated system and it may take a few days for you to receive it.)

  4. You will enter your email again, then set a password for yourself. Congratulations you now have a Volgistics account!

  5. Once you are signed in, volunteer hours are tracked 2 ways:

• If you have signed up for a volunteer shift on Volgistics in advance, your time will automatically be tracked for you.

• All other volunteer opportunities can be recorded on the “Time Sheet” tab in your account.

  o Select the date of service

  o Select the volunteer assignment you completed

  o Enter the total number of hours served

  o Press Continue to record hours


Individuals can check the total number of volunteer hours served during the school year on the “My Service History Tab”.