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FSA 2020

The Family and School Association is an organization of the school dedicated to collaboration among parents/guardians, and members of the school and parish staff in the pursuit of quality, faith-centered education. In keeping with the mission and values of OSM and the Paulist Fathers, the FSA is a place where

ALL ARE WELCOME and all parents/guardians are members.


The FSA promotes and fosters the following goals:

  • An inclusive environment where all parents/guardians feel welcome to participate and are encouraged to volunteer service to the school

  • Regular communication that fosters the partnership of home and school

  • Spiritual and educational development for parents/guardians and their families who are a
    part of the school community

  • Social interaction among the members of the school community

  • Networks that support parent family life and the school community

  • Promotion of appropriate educational legislative action

  • Promotion of the school in the local community

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