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Volunteering at OSM

Volunteering is an important part of Old St. Mary’s School and Community. We remain humbled by the time and talents our families so generously give to the OSM school community. This time and talent means we can provide activities and special events that are successful, safe, and engaging for our community. Volunteering is a great way to connect with the school community, meet other families that share similar interests and immediately feel connected to OSM.


Volunteer Commitment

Each family is asked to commit a minimum of 20 hours of service per school year. Your volunteer commitment allows us to operate efficiently and effectively, and we sincerely hope it provides your family with much in return as well. There are many ways for all families to become involved in both the parish and school communities. ​​If a family’s volunteer commitment cannot be met during the school year, a $500 fee will be assessed in June to offset the Family School Association annual expenses. All family hours are to be completed and recorded in Volgistics by the end of May of the school year.

Committees and Leadership

The FSA is spearheaded by a leadership team consisting of a president, vice-president and co-chairs of the Parent Connect, Room Parent and Service Committees. The FSA is organized into committees chaired by parent/guardian volunteers. Each committee focuses on key initiatives that foster connections through events and other activities. To join an FSA committee for the school year or to find out more about them and leadership opportunities, please click HERE

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