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Back to School Night

Back to School Night OSM

Pre-K Videos 

For the Caterpillar Room  click HERE

For the Chameleon Room  click HERE

For the Firefly Room  click HERE

For the Bumblebee Room click HERE


For the Lily Room click HERE

For the Daisy Room click HERE

For the Sunflower Room click HERE

First Grade 

For the Sun Room click HERE

For the Star Room click HERE

Second Grade 

For the Saints Room Video click HERE

For the Angel Room Video click HERE

Fourth Grade

For Ms. Zara & Mr. Sherry's Room click HERE

Fifth Grade

For Mr. Carpenter's Room click HERE

For Mr. Delgado's Room click HERE

Sixth Grade

For Room 304 VanderHye Click HERE

For Room 306 Mr. Woodlock Click HERE

Seventh Grade

For Room 301 Mrs. Kennedy Click HERE

For Room 305 Mrs. Douse  Click HERE

Eighth Grade

For Room 307  Ms. Maus  Click HERE

For Room 308 Mr. Passarelli Click HERE

Third Grade 

Mrs. Duncan & Mr. Will's Room click HERE

Specials in the Gym 

For Spanish with Mr. Duque Click HERE

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